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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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** Thesis Gold drills 8.79 m of 11.97 g/t Au at Ranch
** Goldsource Mines drills 7.5 m of 7.27 g/t Au at Eagle
** New Found Intercepts 49.7 g/t Au Over 29.9m at Iceberg Zone
** New Found reports 72.2 g/t Au over 9.65 m at new Iceberg discovery at Queensway
** Thesis Gold Drills 7.00 Metres of 11.69 g/t Auat the Bonanza-Ridge Zone
** Snowline Gold drills 558.7 m of 1.26 g/t Au at Rogue
** i-80 Gold drills 7.6 m of 25.3 g/t Au at Ruby Hill
** Eskay drills 43.1 m of 1.51 g/t Au at Consolidated
** Firefox drills 13.05 m of 15.04 g/t Au at Mustajarvi
** Thesis Gold drills 50.3 m of 1.86 g/t Au at Ranch
** Amex Exploration drills 8.2 m of 4.73 g/t Au at Perron
** i-80 Gold drills 10.7 m of 12.3 g/t Au at Ruby Hill
** Eloro drills 325.48 m of 202.43 g/t AgEq at Iska Iska
** Snowline Gold drills 363.5 m of 1.4 g/t Au at Rogue
** Lion One drills 11.1 m of 10.67 g/t Au at Tuvatu
** New Found Intercepts 6.7 g/t Au over 24m at Keats West & Discovers New Vein

3/23    Goldsource Mines drills 7.5 m of 7.27 g/t Au at E... - Steve Parsons
3/23    Thesis Gold drills 8.79 m of 11.97 g/t Au at R... - Dr. Ewan Webster
3/22    Novo Resources begins RC drilling at Bell... - Michael Spreadborough
3/22    Cerro de Pasco arranges $2-million private placement - Guy Goulet
3/22    Timberline Announces 2023 Work Program at Eur... - Patrick Highsmith
3/21    NV Gold estimates up to 450,000 oz Au target at Sl... - John Seaberg
3/21    Calibre Mining drills 4.1 m of 17.45 g/t Au at Panteon - Darren Hall
3/21    Goliath, 5 companies sign MOU for potential B.C. mill - Roger Rosmus
3/21    Cerro de Pasco signs MOU with Volcan - Guy Goulet
3/21    New Found drill 10.1 gt Au over 22.5 m extending... - Collin Kettell
3/21    Hannan Metals to option Cerro Rolando in Chile - Michael Hudson
3/21    Kodiak Copper moves staff to MPD for drilling... - Claudia Tornquist
3/16    Canasia Energy loses $725,000 in 2022 - Jeff Chisholm
3/15    Birchcliff Earns C$656.8 million (C$2.38/Share) on R... - Management
3/15    Amyris loses $528.5 million on Revenues of $269.8 mi... - Management
3/15    Puma Exploration to begin drilling at Williams... - Marcel Robillard
3/15    Sun Summit Minerals begins drilling at Buck - Sharyn Alexander
3/15    Kuya drills Ag mineralization at Campbell-Crawford - David Lewis
3/15    Calibre mines 1,000 tpd at 7.39 g/t Au at Pavon in Feb - Darren Hall
3/15    Amex Exploration drills 9.85 m of 2.29% CuEq at ... - Victor Cantore

Significant Weekly Market Headlines

Links to articles are chosen that have a direct or important indirect bearing on the financial, commodity and precious metals markets. The attempt is to keep up with news stories that have significant implications for markets.

3/23    The Math Behind Deposit Insurance. The Beginning Of ... - Zero Hedge
3/23    The End Of Moral Hazard And The Dollar's Debasement - Simon White
3/23    Jobless Claims Data Continues to Ignore The Fed - Zero Hege
3/20    Gold Prices Reflect A Shift In Paradigm, Part 2 - Alasdair Macleod
3/20    ‘This Is It! The Financial System Is Termina... - Egon von Greyerz
3/20    The 'Bad News' Is More European Than US... For Now - Peter Tchir
3/20    Are We the Byzantines? - Victor David Hanson
3/17    We’re Going to Have More Change in The Next Six ... - Bob Moriarty
3/17    Seymour Hersh: ‘I’m Telling you! He (Bid... - Paul Joseph Watson
3/17    Credit Suisse Deposit Run Continues Despite SNB Rescue - Zero Hedge
3/17    US Leading Economic Indicators Tumble For 11th Strai... - Zero Hedge
3/16    Bank Deposit Flight Seals Deal for US Recession - Simon White
3/15    Treasury Yields Collapse After First Republic Downgr... - Zero Hedge
3/14    After The CPI: Hike 25, Pause Or Cut? Here Are Wall ... - Zero Hedge
3/14    Why Not Let Banks Fail? - Jacob Hornberger
3/13    One Bank Crashes, A Bigger One RUNS for it... - Great Recession Blog
3/13    Moveable Multipolarity in Moscow: Ridin’ the ‘... - Pepe Escabar
3/13    Why the US dollar has become an at-risk currency - Jay Newman
3/10    February Payrolls Come in Hot At 311K - Zero Hedge
3/10    A Bounce in Gold & Silver - Bob Hoye

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