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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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Significant Weekly Company News

I discuss exciting Drill Results and other important news for companies covered in my newsletter every weekend. To keep on top of very important details learned from those results, consider subscribing: https://www.miningstocks.com/select/gold.

Radisson drills 3.9 m of 34.71 g/t Au at O'Brien

Kodiak Copper drills 105 m of 0.76% CuEq at MPD

Highgold drills 56.6 m of 18.7 g/t Au at Johnson Tract

Amex Exploration drills 6.9 m of 43.74 g/t Au at Perron

Cassiar Gold drills 4.8 m of 35.1 /t Au at Cassiar

Goldsource drills 24 m of 3.97 g/t Au at Eagle Mountain

Highgold drills 6.4m of 577g/t Au, 2,203g/t Ag at JT

Great Bear drills 1.2 m of 157 g/t Au at Dixie

Goldmining samples 89 m of 1.23 g/t Au at Sao Jorge

NewFound Intercepts 64.94 g/t Au over 2.10 meters in Step Out Drilling

Calibre Mining drills 6.2 m of 6.39 g/t Au at Limon

Novo Resources drills 3 m of 25.5 g/t Au at Talga

Eloro drills 194.14 m of 160.22 g/t AgEq at Iska Iska

Calibre Mining drills 6.2 m of 6.39 g/t Au at Limon

Blue Lagoon drills 0.65 m of 47.09 g/t AuEq at Dome

10/19   Rokmaster Resources appoints Kordysz as VP of business - John Mirko
10/18   Maverix Increases and Expands Royalty Interest at Om... - Management
10/18   Goldsource Mines appoints Newsome as VP, finance - Steve Parsons
10/18   Precipitate Gold begins fieldwork at Ace - Jeffrey Wilson
10/18   Kodiak Copper drills 105 m of 0.76% CuEq at M... - Claudia Tornquist
10/18   Radisson drills 3.9 m of 34.71 g/t Au at O'Brien - Rahul Paul
10/18   Highgold arranges $10M bought deal, $5M financing - Darwin Green
10/18   Kodiak Copper drills 105 m of 0.76% CuEq at MPD - Claudia Tornquist
10/18   i-80 Gold closes acquisition of Ruby Hill mine - Ewan Downie
10/18   Calibre Mining appoints Gallo as senior VP of growth - Darren Hall
10/18   Genesis Metals 3,333,333-share private placement - Management
10/18   Avino Silver produces 285,464 AgEq oz from Avino i... - David Wolfin
10/14   Puma Exploration samples up to 199 g/t Au at W... - Marcel Robillard
10/14   Tier One Silver samples 20m of 293 g/t AgEq at C... - Peter Dembicki
10/14   Precipitate Gold agreement for Ace property https://... - Management
10/13   New Found Discovers New High-Grade Zone at Keats;... - Craig Roberts
10/13   Snowline Gold drills six m of 13.9 g/t Au at Eina... - Scott Berdahl
10/13   Eskay Mining completes drilling at Consolidated Eskay - Mac Balkam
10/13   Sun Summit drills nine holes to date at Buck - Robert Willis
10/13   Genesis Metals closes $400,000 private placement - Dr. David Terry

Significant Weekly Market Headlines

Links to articles are chosen that have a direct or important indirect bearing on the financial, commodity and precious metals markets. The attempt is to keep as focused on direct impact of news on markets but often less direct, political topics are chosen as well.

China Launches Price Controls After Red Hot Inflation, Highest PPI Since Lehman Collapse

Biden Unveils $6 Trillion Budget

Video: The U.S. on track with the Mississippi Bubble Monetary Disaster

The Fed Has Lost Control- John Williams Warns Of Hyperinflation In 2022

Michael Burry Reveals Massive Tesla Short, Huge Inflationary Bet

10/19   Atlanta Fed Says US Economy Suddenly On Verge Of Con... - Zero Hedge
10/19   Black Monday, 1987: Inside the Birth Of Stock Ma... - Lian McPherson
10/19   A Historic Divergence Emerges On Wall Street - Zero Hedge
10/19   Bitcoin Surges To Record High, Dollar Dives As US Ec... - Zero Hedge
10/18   Traders Are Rapidly Increasing Bets On $200 Oil - Zero Hedge
10/13   Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Explain This 'Inflation'... - Zero Hedge
10/13   Stellar Demand For 30Y Auction As Curve Comes Crashi... - Zero Hedge
10/11   Dr. Stephen Leeb Warns of $20,000 to $50,000 Gold in Moneta... - KWN
10/8    Global Supply Chains Won’t Cope With Even More ... - Michael Every
10/8    Payrolls Huge Miss: Just 194K Jobs Added. Even As Un... - Zero Hedge
10/8    Peter Schiff: This Is a Real Twilight Zone - Zero Hedge
10/8    Video: Pfizer Scientist admits Natural COVID Im... - Project Veritas
10/7    Will Gold Reach Unthinkable Heights? - Egon von Greyerz
10/7    Why Shortages Are Permanent: Global Supply S... - Charles Hugh Smith
10/6    Soros Is Cashing Out Of Stocks, Putting Some Capital... - Zero Hedge
10/5    Central Banks & The Looming Financial Reckoning - Willem Buiter
10/5    Bitcoin Tops $50k, Erases China/SEC FUD Losses - Zero Hedge
10/5    Hedge funds flock to oil as energy shortages worsen: Kemp - Reuters
10/5    US Trade Deficit Hits Record High In August - Zero Hedge
10/5    Today’s Chart: This Gold Bull Market Has Years To... - John Rubino

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