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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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Weekly Stock Driving News Highlights

FEB 3 - Something big is going on with Ely Gold Royalities! The stock was up 11.4% on 1.6 million shares before it was halted at 9:44 ET. Stay tuned! FEB 3 - Looking forward to Sitka assays from first step out holes at Burro Creek gold property in Arizona. Management reports hitting vein that hosts the existing resource. I'm expecting good assay news and will report in my weekly letter when received. LAST WEEK: * Risk off week drives gold and T-bonds considerably higher. * Great Bear reveals plans to reward current shareholders with shares in a Royalty company starting with a 2% royalty on the company's Dixie Project. * Novo Resources reports on mechanical sorting at Beatons Creek and the potential for that technology to revolutionize sampling, evaluating and mining coarse gold projects. * Irving Resources: There is nothing Ordinary about Omu. * Gatling drills 11.9 g/t gold over 4.0 meters at on its Fernland Target at Larder. * Benchmark drills 102 meters grading 1.44 g/t AuEq at Lawyers extending its mineralized zone to ~1 KM. CONNECT TO THESE STORIES WITH LINKS BELOW!

4/8      Grande Portage receives drill permit for Herbert - Ian Klassen
4/8      Avino Silver defers annual meeting to Aug. 27 - David Wolfin
4/8      San Marco completes phase 1 drilling at Buck - Sharyn Alexander
4/8      Arianne creates lighter design for trailer... - Jean-Sebastien David
4/7      Novo acquires 4.13% of GBM, obtains option ... - Dr. Quinton Hennigh
4/7      Video: Q2 2020 update for Tristar - Nick Appleyard
4/7      Benchmark Metals to begin Lawyers drilling in s... - John Williamson
4/7      Equinox Gold Annual General Meeting and Corporate Up... - Management
4/6      GFG Resources drills 8.5 m of 71.27 g/t Au at Pen - Brian Skanderbeg
4/6      Goldsource suspends Eagle Mountain operations - Ioannis Tsitos
4/6      First Majestic Provides Update on Operations in Resp... - Management
4/2      Chen Lin Interviews Cerro de Pasco - Chen Lin & Steven Zadka
4/2      Sandstorm Gold Royalties Announces 2020 First Quar... - Erfan Kazemi
4/2      Equinox Gold Provides Update Related to COVID-1... - Christian Milau
4/1      Almadex's Mexican operations suspended until Ap... - Morgan Poliquin
4/1      Avino Silver temporarily suspends Avino operations - David Wolfin
4/1      Vizsla postpones Panuco exploration due to COVI... - Michael Konnert
4/1      Azucar suspends Mexican operations as a result ... - Morgan Poliquin
4/1      Ely Gold receives $541,600 from warrantholders - Trey Wasser
4/1      Seabridge Gold arranges $14.1-million private placement - Rudi Fronk

Why the price of gold is headed to the moon!

The chart on your left which shows actual and projected annual U.S. Federal deficits displays a major reason why the price of gold as measured in US dollars is destined to rise dramatically. During the past several years, gold has been an unloved asset category. But as the dollar's purchasing power continues to decline, an ounce of gold remains an ounce of gold. What does the dollar do? Its purchasing power declines dramatically thanks to Keynesian economists who have have encouraged western governments to live beyond their means by deficit spending. In theory, policy makers were supposed to run surpluses during years of growth but that hasn't happened since Joseph advised the Egyptian government of an impending famine in the book of Exodus. And so as projections in this chart show, the U.S. is going to need to monetize debt used to fund America's ever expanding socialist government causing the dollar to lose purchasing power vis-a-vis gold that forever retains its purchasing power. Links to daily stories here tell of the ongoing demise of the dollar. Pay attention!

4/8      Helicopter Money- This is the game Changer Geop... - Alasdair Crooke
4/8      Is Now the Time to Buy Gold? - Daniel Lacalle
4/7      Eyes Wide Open: Masters Of The Universe are Inc... - Alasdair Crooke
4/7      Chinese company shipped out millions of Australi... - Candace Sutton
4/7      Communist Party of China displaying 'arrogance' over de... - Skynews
4/6      Goldsource suspends Eagle Mountain operations - Ioannis Tsitos
4/6      'Hope' Vs 'Nope' - Dow Soars 1000 Points As Gold Spi... - Zero Hedge
4/6      This Is The End Of Western Capitalism As We K... - Garfield Reynolds
4/3      The Bullion Banks are panicking - Ronan Manly
4/2      MIF Speakers Taylor-Coffin-Preston-Lundin on Gold & Oth... - Various
4/2      Germans hold gold in anticipation of currency ... - Jan Nieuwenhuijs
4/2      Markets Now At Tipping Point - Michael Markowski
4/2      US Labor Market Is In Free-Fall - 10 Million America... - Zero Hedge
4/2      US Auto Sales Plunge To Lowest In A Decade, But The ... - Zero Hedge
4/2      Gundlach Sounds Alarm on ‘Paper G... - K. Greifeld & J. Gittelsohn
4/1      Credit Crisis Averted... Monetary Crisis Initiated - GoldMoney
3/31    MIF Webinar: E. Coffin, G. Preston. J. Taylor... - Registration Link
3/31    The Biggest Decline Ever: Goldman Now Sees US GDP Cr... - Zero Hedge
3/31    Chicago PMI Corrupted By Global Supply Chain Collapse - Zero Hedge
3/30    John Rubino’s Top ... - Nouriel Roubini – Chris Martenson & More

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