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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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Gold stocks are soaring but which will gain the most?

As the price of gold rises to $1,500 and then well beyond, gold shares will likely be the best performers in the world. But the biggest winners will not be large household name stocks but rather junior exploration stocks that succeed in discovering large scale economic gold deposits. Editor Jay Taylor seeks to find undiscovered gold producers and exploration companies that have the potential to rise 10 fold or more during this bull market. So far this year as you can see from the chart on your left Jay is having a very good year. But you simply throw darts at names of gold mining companies on the Toronto exchange if you want to optimize your returns. Following are some important headlines for some companies covered by Jay in his newsletter.

1/22   Novo to submit Comet Well mineralization repor... - Quinton Hennigh
1/22   Corvus Gold drills 47 m of 2.15 g/t Au at Moth... - Jeffrey Pontius
1/22   Osisko Gold acquires 15.2% stake in Barks... - Joseph de la Plante
1/22   Miramont Resources starts drilling at Cerro Hermoso - Bill Pincus
1/21   Ascot Resources arranges $10-million private place... - Derek White
1/21   Amarillo contracts three outfits for Mara study - Mike Mutchler
1/18   Sandstorm acquires 0.9% NSR on Fruta del Norte... - Keith Laskowski
1/18   Dynacor produces 81,314 oz Au at Veta Dorada in... - Jean Martineau
1/17   San Marco drills 22 m of 0.05% Cu at Chunib... - Christian Grijalva
1/17   Balmoral drills 7.58 m of 1.05% Ni at Grasset - Darin Wagner
1/17   Paramount Gold Files Application for Conditional... - Glen Van Treek
1/17   Avino Silver produces 2.86 moz AgEq in 2018 - David Wolfin
1/16   Great Bear drills 0.7 m of 1,602.73 g/t Au at Dixie - Chris Taylor
1/16   Newrange submits +300 Pamlico samples for fire a... - Robert Archer
1/16   DynaCERT receives iCAT certification for India - Jim Payne
1/16   Maple Gold creates new 3-D geological model for... - Matthew Hornor
1/15   Adamera drills 19.4 m of 0.25 g/t Au at Oversight - Mark Kolebaba
1/15   Skeena Resources drills 14.72 m of 30.99 g/t ... - Walter Coles Jr.
1/15   Hecla Reports 10.4 Million Ounces of Silver and... - Mike Westerlund
1/15   Paramount Gold Nevada Reports Approval of Two A... - Glen Van Treek

Why the price of gold is headed to the moon!

The price of gold is destined to rise to many thousands of dollars per ounce. We are experiencing the second leg up of the greatest gold bull market in history. Why? Actually gold is not rising in value. An ounce of gold is the same now as it was 5,000 years ago. But the dollar has lost more than 93% of its purchasing power since the Fed was created 105 years ago. Every day the mainstream media is attempting to keep you in the dark, down on the mushroom farm so that you will keep behaving in a way that profits Wall Street's ruling elite. To counter that, Jay Taylor, Editor of J Taylor's Gold Energy & Tech Stocks, combs the Internet in search of articles that shine a floodlight on the truth about why the economies of the world and the US dollar is doomed and why you MUST exchange as many dollars as possible NOW for gold!

1/22   Chilling Davos: A Bleak Warning on Global Divisi... - Andrew Sorkin
1/22   Fire the Fed? - Ron Paul
1/22   Feds Prepare To Bail Out "Vast Majority" Of 90,000... - Tyler Durden
1/22   Wyoming Legislators Want State to De... - Sound Money Defense League
1/22   Past 20 Years, gold beat stocks hands down. - Michael Oliver
1/22   This Is New: Governments Ramp Up Spending IN ANTICI... - John Rubino
1/21   Unprecedented Manipulation And Trading The Precious Metals ... - IRD
1/21   John Rubino’s Top Ten Videos of the Week - Various
1/18   Our Currency and Our Problem - Dan Oliver
1/15   Gold Is Up Lately. Why Does It Feel So Disappointing? - John Rubino
1/15   Turkey set to refine more Venezuelan gold as Maduro sends... - Ahval
1/15   Russia plans to tackle US sanctions with Bitco... - Hasan Chowdhury
1/14   Newmont to Acquire Gold Corp. - John Benny
1/14   Eccles Prison Blues – The Big Squeeze - Gary Christenson
1/12    John Rubino’s Top Ten Videos of the Week - Various
1/11   The next eurozone crisis has already started - Matthew Lynn
1/11   PG&E Gets AIG-ed: Moody's Downgrade Triggers $800MM... - Zero Hedge
1/11   One Trader Doubles Down: "Prepare For A Full-Bl... - Tommi Utoslahti
1/11   Ted Butler: Questions only the Justice Department c... - Ted Butler
1/11   Yellow vest protesters aim to crash French banking system - AP
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