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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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** Eloro drills 325.48 m of 202.43 g/t AgEq at Iska Iska
** Snowline Gold drills 363.5 m of 1.4 g/t Au at Rogue
** Lion One drills 11.1 m of 10.67 g/t Au at Tuvatu
** New Found Intercepts 6.7 g/t Au over 24m at Keats West & Discovers New Vein
** Calibre Mining drills 92.4 m of 4.30 g/t Au at Golden
** Amex drills 4.85 m of 75.81 g/t Au at Perron
** Sun Summit drills 7 m of 6.44 g/t Au at Buck
** Labrador Gold samples up to 21.59 g/t Au at Hopedale
** Snowline Gold drills 189.2 m of 1.2 g/t Au at Rogue
** Firefox drills 15.5 m of 13.09 g/t Au at Mustajarvi
** Labrador Gold drills five m of 20.88 g/t Au at Kingsway
** Goliath drills 11 m of 13.53 g/t AuEq at Golddigger
** Snowline Gold drills 338 m of 1.3 g/t Au at Rogue
** i-80 Gold drills 39.6 meters of 12.3% Zinc at Ruby Hill
** Lion One Metals drills one m of 29.02 g/t Au at Tuvatu
** Calibre Mining drills 9.3 m of 11.61 g/t Au at Limon
** Calibre Mining drills 7.9 m of 17.8 g/t Au at Limon
** Amex Exploration drills 14.5 m of 6.75 g/t Au at Perron
** New Found Gold drills 2 m of 117 g/t Au at Queensway
** Goliath drills 5 m of 24.64 g/t AuEq at Golddigger
** i-80 Gold drills 14.2 m of 14.4 g/t Au at Ruby Hill

2/3      Snowline Gold drills 363.5 m of 1.4 g/t Au at Rogue - Scott Berdahl
2/2      Sprott rolls out four energy transition ETFs - John Ciampaglia
2/2      Goldsource talks Eagle Mountain met test results - Steve Parsons
2/2      Goliath Confirms Extensive Porphyry Feeder at Gold... - Roger Rosmus
2/2      Timberline Confirms New Gold-Silver Target at... - Patrick Highsmith
1/31    Eloro drills 325.48 m of 202.43 g/t AgEq at Iska Iska - Tom Larsen
1/31    Silvercrest recovers 3.29 M oz AgEq at Las Chispas - Pierre Beaudoin
1/31    New Found Announces Grand Opening of its Giga-Sh... - Collin Kettell
1/26    Eloro Resources closes $10.91-million bought deal - Management
1/25    Irving Resources begins 2023 Omu exploration pro... - Akiko Levinson
1/25    Firefox Gold summaries 2022 exploration results - Carl Lofberg
1/25    NV Gold to focus on three projects in 2023 - John Seaberg
1/25    Lion One drills 11.1 m of 10.67 g/t Au at Tuvatu - Walter Berukoff
1/25    Sun Summit drills 54.6 m of 0.83 g/t Au at Buck - Sharyn Alexander
1/25    i-80 Gold begins 2023 drill program at Ruby Hill - Ewan Downie
1/25    Equinox Gold's Greenstone Project: On Schedule, On B... - Greg Smith
1/24    Avino expects 2023 production of 2.8M to 3.2M AgEq oz - David Wolfin
1/24    Tectonic Metals terminates Seventymile lease - Tony Reda
1/24    New Found Intercepts 6.7 g/t Au over 24m at Keat... - Collin Kettell
1/24    Calibre Mining drills 92.4 m of 4.30 g/t Au at Golden - Darren Hall

Significant Weekly Market Headlines

Links to articles are chosen that have a direct or important indirect bearing on the financial, commodity and precious metals markets. The attempt is to keep up with news stories that have significant implications for markets.

2/3      January Payrolls Explode To 517K, 8-Sigma Beat to Ex... - Zero Hedge
2/2      Is Gold the Last Freedom Train? - Peter Schiff
2/1      Turmoil Lurks Around the Corner - Michael Lebowitz
2/1      What Goes Up Also Comes Down: The Heavy Hand... - Charles Hugh Smith
1/31    Conference Board Confidence Slides In January, Infla... - Zero Hedge
1/31    Recession Forecasts at Odds With Bullish Formations - Lance Roberts
1/31    US Employment Cost Index Surges To Record 5.07% YoY ... - Zero Hedge
1/26    Russia’s intentions are clarifying - Alasdair Macleod
1/26    Global South: Gold-Backed Currencies to Replace th... - Pepe Escobar
1/26    A Dollar Collapse Is Now in Motion, Saudi Arabia ... - Brandon Smith
1/25    US Stocks Face 25% More Downside in Dee... - Simon White - Bloomberg
1/25    Inflation is Still Here Despite Hype Ov... - Simon White - Bloomberg
1/25    Gas Prices Set to Soar as Crack Spread Jumps on Tigh... - Zero Hedge
1/24    Contrarian Trade. Everyone Remains Bearish - Lance Roberts
1/24    Gold stocks are not yet unique, but that’s co... - The Rabbit Hole
1/23    Johnstone: Let's Nuke the World Over Crimea? - Caitlin Johnstone
1/23    Gold or Silver - John Rubino
1/23    Key Events This Week: Core PCE, PMIs, GDP, Durables, ... - Zero Hege
1/21    Video: How Can We Restore Freedom and Sound Mo... - Alasdair Macleod
1/20    US Existing Home Sales Suffer Biggest Annual Drop Ever - Zero Hedge

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