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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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** New Found Hits 3.2 g/t Au Over 43.8m Keats West & Defines a New Gold Domain
** i-80 Gold drills up to 18.9 g/t Au over 29.3 m at Cove
** Nevada King drills 61 m of 3.52 g/t Au at Atlanta
** Founders Metals drills 15 m of 8.18 g/t Au at Antino
** Snowline Gold drills 382.4 m of 2.12 g/t Au at Rogue
** New Found hits 26 g/t Au Over 7.65m & 23 g/t Au Over 5.25m at the Honeypot Zone
** Amex Exploration drills 4.30m of 23.81 g/t Au at Perron
** Snowline Gold drills 308.8 m of 2.2 g/t Au at Rogue
** Founders Metals drills 14.5 m of 16.26 g/t Au at Antino
** Red Pine drills 36.94 m of 3.8 g/t Au at Wawa
** i-80 Gold drills 21.9 m of 31.1 g/t Au at Granite Creek
** Lion One drills 0.6 m of 1,986.23 g/t Au at Tuvatu
** Brixton Metals drills 717 m of 0.5% CuEq at Thorn
** West Red Lake Gold Intersects 47.44 g/t Au over 3.2 m at Madsen
** Founders Metals drills 13 m of 14.03 g/t Au at Antino
** Nevada King drills 74.7 m of 2.37 g/t Au at Atlanta
** West Red Lake drills 10.28 m of 27.15 g/t Au at Madsen
** Thesis Gold drills 24.72 m of 5.37 g/t Au at Ranch

2/27    Palisades holder Parker acquires 305,600 shares - Management
2/27    West Red Lake arranges $20M (U.S.) private place... - Shane Williams
2/27    Puma Exploration Launches its 2024 Drilling Pr... - Marcel Robillard
2/26    NV Gold 1:10 rollback - Management
2/26    i-80 Gold drills 57.8 m of 13.7% Zn at Ruby Hill - Ewan Downie
2/26    Calibre Mining drills two m of 68.72 g/t Au at Limon - Darren Hall
2/23    Founders Metals drills 45 m of 2.16 g/t Au at Antino - Colin Padget
2/23    Brixton optionee drills 156.88m of 0.85g/t AuE... - Gary R. Thompson
2/22    FireFox Gold Provides Exploration Update - Carl Löfberg
2/22    Western Alaska Minerals Reports 75 Moz @ 977 g/t AgEq... - Kit Maars
2/22    New Found Hits 3.2 g/t Au Over 43.8m Keats West ... - Collin Kettell
2/22    Newmont Assists Klondike with Silt Survey - Peter Tallman
2/22    Equinox Announces 2023 Financial and Operating Results - Management
2/21    Sprott earns $41.79-million in 2023 - Whitney George
2/21    Red Pine Announces Departure of CEO Quentin Yarie - Carrie Howes
2/21    Kodiak 2023 Regional Exploration Identifies N... - Claudia Tornquist
2/21    i-80 Gold announces Closing of Oversubscribed Priva... - Ewan Downie
2/21    Silvercrest Metals Provides 2024 Guidance - Eric Fier
2/21    Calibre Mining earns $85.02-million (U.S.) in 2023 - Darren Hall
2/20    Amex Intersects 29.00 g/t Au over 3.5 meters at ... - Victor Cantore

Significant Weekly Market Headlines

Links to articles are chosen that have a direct or important indirect bearing on the financial, commodity and precious metals markets. The attempt is to keep up with news stories that have significant implications for markets.

2/27    US Durable Goods Orders Collapsed in January - Zero Hedge
2/27    This Is Nuts – An Entire Market Chasing One Stock - Lance Roberts
2/23    CBS Fires Catherine Herridge for Investigating Hunte... - Zero Hedge
2/23    Small Cap Stocks May Be at Risk According To NFIB... - Lance Roberts
2/22    Keynesian credit creation meets its Armageddon - Alasdair Macleod
2/22    Will Resurgent Inflation Savage the Tech Trade - Simon White
2/22    The Fed's ‘Solution’ To the Mess It Created: ... - Michael Every
2/21    Food Spending Hits Highest Level In Three Decades - Zero Hedg
2/21    The Mantra for The Next Cycle: Allocate 1% To Bit... - Mark Jeftovic
2/20    US Leading Indicators Disappoint, Equal Longest Losi... - Zero Hedge
2/20    Rising Equity Valuations Are Helping Avert A Credit... - Simon White
2/16    Super Micro Meltdown As 3rd Leg of Market Melt-Up St... - Zero Hedge
2/16    Inflation And Biden's Blame Game - Peter Schiff
2/15    Why Mid-Tier Gold Miners Have the Upper Hand - John Hathaway
2/15    America Can’t Afford Another War - Alasdair Macleod
2/13    The Fed Is Very Concerned Over Spending and Inter... - Mike Shedlock
2/9      Credit-Card & Auto Delinquencies Soar, Especially... - Mish Shedlock
2/9      Bitcoin Soars To Post-ETF-Launch Highs As Net Inflow... - Zero Hedge
2/6      S&P Index Set to Hit 5000 As Bull Run Continues, ... - Lance Roberts
2/5      Bonds, Bullion, Banks, & Bitcoin Battered As 'Good N... - Zero Hedge

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