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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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Significant Weekly Company News

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Kuya Silver drills 1.2 m of 1,127 g/t AgEq at Bethania

Goliath hits 78m of quartz sulphide veins at Golddigger

Lion One drills 0.6 m of 437.14 g/t Au at Tuvatu

Galway drills 25 m of 5.7 g/t Au at Clarence Stream

Labrador Gold Intersects 276.56 g/t Gold Over 0.5 Metres at Big Vein, Kingsway Project

Amex drills 38.8 m of 1.58 g/t Au at Perron

Lion One drills six m of 9.11 g/t Au at Tuvatu

Novo Continues to Increase Monthly Gold Production

Calibre Mining drills 2.2 m of 26.49 g/t Au at Borosi

Kodiak Copper drills 242 m of 0.52% CuEq at MPD

New Found drills 5.25 m of 430.2 g/t Au at Queensway

Amex drills 6.15 m of 79.22 g/t Au at Perron

New Found Intercepts 150.3 g/t Au over 11.5m at Lotto

7/28    Eloro Resources to resume at 6:45 a.m. PT - Management
7/28    Eloro Intersects 129.65 g Ag eq/t over 300.75m in th... - Management
7/28    Eloro Resources halted at 5:48 a.m. PT - Management
7/28    White Rock Minerals Ltd (WRMCF) Podcast Interview wi... - Management
7/27    Cassiar Gold arranges $3-million private placement - Marco Roque
7/27    Sitka Gold continues drilling at RC, Alpha - Donald Penner
7/27    Omineca Mining grants options to buy 2.1 million s... - Tom MacNeill
7/26    Brixton Metals finds visible gold at Thorn - Gary Thompson
7/26    Silvercrest appoints Lafleur as VP technical services - Eric Fier
7/26    Galway drills 25 m of 5.7 g/t Au at Clarence... - Robert Hinchcliffe
7/26    Lion One drills 0.6 m of 437.14 g/t Au at Tuvatu - Walter Berukoff
7/26    Galway drills 25 m of 5.7 g/t Au at Clarence... - Robert Hinchcliffe
7/26    Kuya Silver drills 1.2 m of 1,127 g/t AgEq at Bethania - David Stein
7/26    Goliath hits 78m of quartz sulphide veins at Goldd... - Roger Rosmus
7/26    Equinox Gold Announces Restart of Operations at... - Christian Milau
7/23    Benchmark Metals issues 3 warrants to first nat... - John Williamson
7/22    Amyris Partners With Naomi Watts To Launch Science-B... - Management
7/21    Aurania Resources talks link between Tiria,... - Dr. Richard Spencer
7/21    Grande Portage begins drill program at Herbert - Ian Klassen
7/21    Blue Biofuels Files 3 Additional Patents on its CTS ... - Ben Slager

Significant Weekly Market Headlines

Links to articles are chosen that have a direct or important indirect bearing on the financial, commodity and precious metals markets. The attempt is to keep as focused on direct impact of news on markets but often less direct, political topics are chosen as well.

China Launches Price Controls After Red Hot Inflation, Highest PPI Since Lehman Collapse

Biden Unveils $6 Trillion Budget

Video: The U.S. on track with the Mississippi Bubble Monetary Disaster

The Fed Has Lost Control- John Williams Warns Of Hyperinflation In 2022

Michael Burry Reveals Massive Tesla Short, Huge Inflationary Bet

7/28    Video: Financial System Has Come to an End –... - Martin Armstrong
7/27    The Market’s Next Minsky Moment - Lance Roberts
7/26    Earnings, Multiples, & Untold Truths About Forwar... - Lance Roberts
7/26    China Sees Panic Selling Amid Unprecedented Crackdown - Zero Hedge
7/26    John Rubino’s Top Ten Videos of Last Week - Various
7/24    Will Cash Soon be Obsolete? - William Luther
7/23    Why The Coming Reset Means A Crash of Ep... - G.Hunter/ D. Stockman/
7/22    Crashing Breadth Will Result Ina Material Correc... - Morgan Stanley
7/21    Markets Are Bouncing Off The Walls - Bill Blain
7/20    Did Investors Just Realize Their Problems are unfix... - John Rubino
7/19    Here's The Line In The Sand For The S&P 500 Today - Zero Hedge
7/16    Many Indians Depend On Gold To Stay Afloat During ... - Peter Schiff
7/15    Gundlach Warns Dollar Is Doomed, Stocks Are At Noseb... - Zero Hedge
7/15    Audio: Basal III is in fact bullish for gol... - J.Taylor/A. Macleod
7/15    LBMA Gets a Lifeline - Alasdair Macleod
7/14    Inflation: The Next Stage Of The Global Financial Cr... - Bill Blain
7/14    US Producer Prices Soar At Record Pace In June - Zero Hedge
7/14    Retiring Boomers Are Deflationary, Right? - John Rubino
7/13    Transitory? US Core Consumer Prices Are Rising At Fa... - Zero Hedge
7/9      IMF Chief Warns Of Sustained Rise In US Inflation - Peter Schiff

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