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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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** West Red Lake Gold Intersects 47.44 g/t Au over 3.2 m at Madsen
** Founders Metals drills 13 m of 14.03 g/t Au at Antino
** Nevada King drills 74.7 m of 2.37 g/t Au at Atlanta
** West Red Lake drills 10.28 m of 27.15 g/t Au at Madsen
** Thesis Gold drills 24.72 m of 5.37 g/t Au at Ranch
** i-80 Gold drills 20.1 m of 25.4 g/t Au at McCoy-Cove
** Puma drills 5.5 m of 20.67 g/t Au at Williams Brook
** New Found Intercepts 18 g/t Au Over 6.75 M, Expands Jackpot to 235 M Depth
** Nevada King drills 82.3 m of 6.55 g/t Au at Atlanta
** Amex drills 47.70 m of 16.97 g/t Au at Perron
** Red Pine drills 10.95 m of 9.57 g/t Au at Wawa
** Lion One drills 2.4 m of 90.76 g/t Au at Tuvatu
** Founders Metals samples 1 m of 231.92 g/t Au at Antino
** Eskay drills 15m of 6.28 g/t AuEq at Consolidated Eskay
** Blackwolf Copper drills one m of 312 g/t Au at Harry
** Nevada King drills 27.4 m of 4.96 g/t Au at Atlanta
** Goliath drills 7.9 m of 65 g/t AuEq at Golddigger
** Founders Metals auger drills 26 m of 6.35 g/t Au at Antino
** Red Pine drills 32.95 m of 8.01 g/t Au at Wawa
** Thesis Gold drills 4.05 m of 119.49 g/t Au at Ranch
** Amex Exploration drills 4.2 m of 29.27 g/t Au at Perron
** New Found Intercepts 67.5 g/t Au Over 2.65m at Golden Joint
** Snowline Gold drills 424 m of 1.4 g/t Au at Rogue
** Lion One Metals drills 1.2 m of 84.96 g/t Au at Tuvatu
** New Found Hits 52 g/t Au over 2.85 m. & Expands Jackpot Zone to 205 m depth
** Nevada King drills 114.3 m of 1.89 g/t Au at Atlanta

12/11   Kuya Silver closes $2.58-million first tranche - David Stein
12/11   Hannan identifies alkalic Au-Cu cluster at Valiente - Michael Hudson
12/8    Alpha Exploration closes $4.18M 1st financing tr... - Michael Hopley
12/8    Kuya closes $230,000 (U.S.) first tranche of financing - David Stein
12/7    Western Alaska reviews exploration work at Illinois - Kit Marrs
12/7    Red Pine closes $5.23-million private placement - Quentin Yarie
12/7    Founders' Antino drilling hits 6 m of 94.69 g/t Au - Colin Padget
12/7    Kodiak Copper drills 1,053 m of 0.17% CuEq at... - Claudia Tornquist
12/7    Thesis Gold drills 60.24 m of 0.78 g/t Au at R... - Dr. Ewan Webster
12/6    Klondike Gold drills 26.5 m of 1.22 g/t Au at Klo... - Peter Tallman
12/6    Goliath's investor McEwen to increase ownership to 5% - Roger Rosmus
12/6    New Found Intercepts 43 g/t Au Over 11.6m at Kea... - Collin Kettell
12/6    Snowline Gold drills 519.6 m of 2.5 g/t Au at Rogue - Scott Berdahl
12/6    ExxonMobile Plans More than Double Earnings by 2019-... - Management
12/5    West Red Lake drills one m of 296.83 g/t Au at M... - Shane Williams
12/5    Altamira Gold Recommences Drilling at Maria Bonita - Michael Bennett
12/5    Triple Flag Congratulates Evolution Mining on its int... - David Lee
12/4    Canasia Energy arranges $4-million private placement - Jeff Chisholm
12/4    Drilling Commences at Irving Resources’ East Y... - Akiko Levinson
12/4    i-80 Gold drills 116.3 m of 10.1% Zn at Ruby Hill - Tyler Hill

Significant Weekly Market Headlines

Links to articles are chosen that have a direct or important indirect bearing on the financial, commodity and precious metals markets. The attempt is to keep up with news stories that have significant implications for markets.

12/11   Gold Strength Is Fiat Money Weakness - Daniel Lacalle
12/8    The Financial Disaster No One Is Talking About - Brandon Smith
12/8    Goldilocks: Jobs Rise 199K, Beating Estimates As Str... - Zero Hedge
12/8    The Reckoning for Gold & Treasuries Begins... - James Rickards
12/7    Gold And a New Crude Benchmark: A New Dawn for The P... - Zero Hedge
12/7    Gold and Flying Money - Alasdair Macleod
12/7    Russia & Saudi Arabia Cement Ant-Petrodollar Ties - Jamie Carrasco
12/6    The Summer of Central Bank Gold Buying Extends Int... - Peter Schiff
11/30   The US Trade Deficit in 2024 Matters! - Alasdair Macleod
11/27   Waller Whacks the Dollar: Dovish Fed-Hawk Sparks Bid... - Zero Hedge
11/26   New Reactor Design Is A Gamechanger For Green Hydrogen - Josh Owens
11/24   US Manufacturing PMI Unexpectedly Slumps into Contra... - Zero Hedge
11/23   Oil’s Wide Price Swings Have Ignored True Fundame... - Alex Kimani
11/22   US Durable Goods Orders Plunge in October as War-Spe... - Zero Hedge
11/22   'Unadjusted' Jobless Claims Surged To 4-Month Highs,... - Zero Hedge
11/21   Existing Home Sales Crash to Slowest Since 2010, Hit... - Zero Hedge
11/21   Falling Rent Is Extremely Rare, Yet Economists Ke... - Mike Shedlock
11/21   Inflation-Battered Americans Raiding 401k's To Pay M... - Zero Hedge
11/13   If The Economy Is So Great, Why Are Tax Revenues S... - Ryan McMaken
11/13   High Stakes Choice: ‘I'm 94 Years Old & Saddene... - Bernie Marcus

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