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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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Gold Stocks Breaking Out!

The gold markets have been moving sideways over the past few years leading to a general lack of interest in the yellow metal. However, Michael Oliver's momentum work has shown that gold shares are in the process of breaking out, even if that isn't noticeable in the price charts. Time after time whether in the gold markets, equities, or debt markets, Michael's momentum work has provided a timely clue in terms of market direction. So while the gold bullion market continues to build a base, Oliver's momentum work is suggesting professional investors may be exiting the S&P and entering a long ignored gold share market. I will be interviewing Michael on my May 21 radio show https://www.voiceamerica.com/Show/1501 at 3:00 PM NY time. Check out Michael's work at www.OliverMSA.com

12/6    Discovery of Porphyry Potential at Lawyers Project - John Williamson
12/5    Sitka Gold identifies drill targets at RC - Cor Coe
12/5    Vizsla closes $376,600 final tranche of placement - Michael Konnert
12/5    Pelangio arranges $165,000 private placement - Ingrid Hibbard
12/5    Great Bear boosts Dixie drill program to 200,000 m - Chris Taylor
12/5    Corvus Gold drills 50.3 m of 1.5 g/t Au at Moth... - Jeffrey Pontius
12/5    Calibre Mining appoints White to board - Ryan King
12/4    Radisson increases private placement to $5-million - Mario Bouchard
12/4    Strikepoint drills 1.33 m of 72 g/t Au at Willou... - Shawn Khunkhun
12/4    Newrange Gold closes sale of Yarumalito project - Robert Archer
12/4    Goldmining completes Yarumalito acquisition - Management
12/4    Novo Resources talks gold sampling at Egina - Quinton Hennigh
12/3    GT Gold investor K2 hikes shareholding to 10.22% - Dan Gosselin
12/3    Radisson arranges $4-million private placement - Mario Bouchard
12/3    Sandstorm increases credit facility to $300-million - Erfan Kazemi
12/3    Aurania samples copper at Tsenken N2 feature - Dr. Richard Spencer
12/3    Kirkland Lake drills 7.6m of 87.6 g/t Au at Fost... - Anthony Makuch
12/3    Calibre Mining pegs Pavon at 230,000 oz Au indicated - Russell Ball
12/2    GT Gold drills 324 m of 0.82 g/t Au at Saddle North - Paul Harbidge
12/2    Galway drills 3.0 g/t Au over 12 m at Claren... - Robert Hinchcliffe

Why the price of gold is headed to the moon!

The chart on your left which shows actual and projected annual U.S. Federal deficits displays a major reason why the price of gold as measured in US dollars is destined to rise dramatically. During the past several years, gold has been an unloved asset category. But as the dollar's purchasing power continues to decline, an ounce of gold remains an ounce of gold. What does the dollar do? Its purchasing power declines dramatically thanks to Keynesian economists who have have encouraged western governments to live beyond their means by deficit spending. In theory, policy makers were supposed to run surpluses during years of growth but that hasn't happened since Joseph advised the Egyptian government of an impending famine in the book of Exodus. And so as projections in this chart show, the U.S. is going to need to monetize debt used to fund America's ever expanding socialist government causing the dollar to lose purchasing power vis-a-vis gold that forever retains its purchasing power. Links to daily stories here tell of the ongoing demise of the dollar. Pay attention!

12/6    How Did We Get Here (No, Seriously, How?!) - Ritesh Jain
12/5    Fiat’s failings, gold and blockchains - Alasdair Macleod
12/5    Video: Washington Will PRINT Trillions – Worst A... - Bob Moriarty
12/5    The System Is Failing... Equities will decline b... - Michael Snyder
12/5    Floodgates Are Open- German Banks Start Charging Ret... - Zero Hedge
12/4    Futures Surge After Bloomberg Quotes Unnamed Sources... - Zero Hedge
12/3    John Rubino’s Top Ten Videos of the Week - Various
12/2    Fed's Second 42-Day Repo Oversubscribed As Rising Re... - Zero Hedge
12/2    Federal Reserve To Let Inflation Run Hot Ahead Of Ne... - Zero Hedge
12/2    Federal Reserve Proposes New Rule To Let Inflation R... - Zero Hedge
12/2    How Inflation, Prudence, And Fundamentals Are Setti... - Dave Forest
11/29   Mystery Buyer Makes Huge Options Bet On Gold Hitt... - Mish Shedlock
11/29   How $5 Billion In Physical Gold Was Secretly Moved F... - Zero Hedge
11/27   Poland Repatriates 100 Tons Of Gold In Symbol Of St... - Schiff Gold
11/27   BRICS Nations Discuss Shared Crypto To Break Away F... - Julia Magas
11/26   The History Of Interest Rates Over 670 Years - Zero Hedge
11/26   Stay Strong, Go Long – Bulletproof Russia Becomes ... - Tom Luongo
11/25   Fed's National Activity Index Plunges To 2-Year Low - Zero Hedge
11/25   Rabobank: Fed's Kashkari Has Just Come Out With A... - Michael Every
11/25   John Rubino’s Top Ten Videos of the Week - Various

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