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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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Significant Weekly Company News

I discuss exciting Drill Results and other important news for companies covered in my newsletter every weekend. To keep on top of very important details learned from those results, consider subscribing: https://www.miningstocks.com/select/gold.

Lion One Metals drills 54.9 m of 12.22 g/t Au at Tuvatu

Eloro drills 349.08 m of 188.64 g/t AgEq at Iska Iska

Red Pine drills 4.72 m of 68.71 g/t Au at Wawa

Firefox drills 13.85 m of 14.39 g/t Au at Mustajarvi

i-80 Intersects 19.8 g/t Au over 33.2 m at Ruby Hill at South most step out.

Labrador Gold drills 0.58 m of 284.1 g/t Au at Kingsway

Irving Resources drills 8.58 m of 7.39 g/t Au at Omu

Calibre Mining drills 5.6 m of 66.03 g/t gold at Limon

Calibre drills 44.2 m of 2.19 g/t Au at Gold Rock

Amex drills 15.85 m of 15.52 g/t Au at Perron

New Found Intercepts 89.5 g/t Au Over 2.00m in New 'Tuesday' Zone Discovery at Lotto

Labrador Gold drills four m of 6.22 g/t Au at Kingsway

Lion One drills 75.9 m of 20.86 g/t Au at Tuvatu

New Found Intersects 55.1 g/t Au Over 5.10m at the Keats Main Zone

8/16    Core Assets arranges $1.5-million private place... - Nicholas Rodway
8/16    Benchmark Metals PEA pegs Lawyers posttax NPV a... - John Williamson
8/16    i-80 Gold drills 23.2 m of 9.7 g/t Au at Ruby Hill - Ewan Downie
8/16    Novo Resources loses $18.81-million in Q2... - Michael Spreadborough
8/15    Lion One Metals drills 54.9 m of 12.22 g/t Au a... - Walter Berukoff
8/12    Novo Resources closes credit facility wit... - Michael Spreadborough
8/12    Core Assets' Silver drilling hits CRD mineraliz... - Nicholas Rodway
8/12    Synaptogenix Announces Appearance of its Presi... - Robert Weinstein
8/11    Kinder Morgan Acquires North American Natural Res... - Victoria Oddi
8/11    Sun Summit Minerals begins exploration at Buck - Sharyn Alexander
8/11    NV Gold, Goldspot complete data library project - John Seaberg
8/11    Goliath drills 59.1 m of mineralization at Golddigger - Roger Rosmus
8/10    Avino earns $2.28-million (U.S.) in Q2 - David Wolfin
8/10    Pan Orient Energy earns $4.84-million in Q2 2022 - Jeff Chisholm
8/10    Birchcliff Energy earns $213.85-million in Q2 - Jeff Tonken
8/9      Calibre earns $15.42-million (U.S.) in Q2 2022 - Darren Hall
8/9      i-80 Gold earns $19.27M (U.S.) from Q2 continuing ops - Ryan Snow
8/9      Eloro Resources offers virtual Iska Iska site tour - Tom Larsen
8/9      Kuya Silver closes $3.2-million private placement - David Stein
8/9      Firefox identifies potential Au structures at Naula - Carl Lofberg

Significant Weekly Market Headlines

Links to articles are chosen that have a direct or important indirect bearing on the financial, commodity and precious metals markets. The attempt is to keep up with news stories that have significant implications for markets.

8/16    The Finite Factor Standing In The Way Of The Renewab... - Irina Slav
8/16    Housing Starts Crater in July As Bottom Falls Out Of... - Zero Hedge
8/16    Money Won’t Solve America’s Power Grid P... - Tsvetana Paraskova
8/16    Coal Consumption Was On The Rise Even Before The ... - Robert Rapier
8/15    Oil Drops 5% On Disappointing Economic Data fro... - Julianne Geiger
8/15    Recession Back On: NY Fed Manufacturing Unexpectedly... - Zero Hedge
8/15    Homebuilder Confidence Plummets For 8th Consecutive ... - Zero Hedge
8/15    The Unstoppable Growth Of Carbon Markets - Felicity Bradstock
8/15    How Iran Is Sidestepping Sanctions Using Crypto - Zero Hedge
8/15    Video: BLACK SWANS Collide. We're in Dangerous Times - Bob Moriarty
8/12    Why Labor Productivity Has Collapsed - MN Gordon
8/11    The Price of Eggs Is Up 47% As Food Costs In The... - Michael Snyder
8/11    JPMorgan Precious-Metal Traders Found Guilty of Gold... - Zero Hedge
8/10    OPEC+’s July Production Survey Shows Anoth... - Tsvetana Paraskova
8/10    US Consumer Price Inflation Slows In July, Real Wage... - Zero Hedge
8/10    China And Saudi Arabia Intensify Energy Cooperati... - Simon Watkins
8/9      Pulling Forward Growth No Longer An Option - Lance Roberts
8/9      Apple Demands Taiwan Suppliers Use 'Made In China' L... - Zero Hedge
8/9      Enough! - House GOP Pledges Investigation of DoJ With ... - Gary Bai
8/9      Inflation Expectations Are Crashing. So What? It ... - Mish Shedlock

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