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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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Significant Weekly Company News

I discuss exciting Drill Results and other important news for companies covered in my newsletter every weekend. To keep on top of very important details learned from those results, consider subscribing: https://www.miningstocks.com/select/gold.

Snowline Gold drills 282.9 m of 2.3 g/t Au at Rogue

Timberline Intersects 22.8 m at 4.29 g/t Gold in Southern Extension of Water Well Zone

i-80 Gold drills 6.4m of 44.4 g/t gold at Granite Creek

New Found Intercepts 152.1 g/t Au Over 3.85m & 12.98 g/t Au Over 14.95m at Lotto Main Vein

HighGold Mining Intersects 21.7 g/t Gold over 11.9 Meters at Johnson Tract

Lion One drills 3.9 m of 20.59 g/t Au at Tuvatu

Labrador Gold drills 32 m of 2.02 g/t Au at Kingsway

Calibre Mining drills 3.8 m of 52.59 g/t Au at Limon

Red Pine drills 1.92 m of 42.95 g/t Au at Surluga

Red Pine drills 5.82 m of 17.49 g/t Au at Minto

New Found Intercepts 18.95 g/t Au Over 5.75m in Near-Surface 60m Step-Out

9/22    Sun Summit Defines Multiple Untested Targets - Sharyn Alexander
9/22    Arianne shares to begin trading on OTCQX Sept. 22 - Brian Ostroff
9/22    Video: Q. Hennigh talks to New F... - Collin Kettell/Quinton Hennigh
9/22    Western Alaska Drills 102.7 Meters grading 159 g/t Si... - Kit Marrs
9/21    Firefox Gold arranges $1-million private placement - Carl Lofberg
9/21    Kuya Silver amends terms of Carmelitas agreement - David Stein
9/21    Goliath Resources identifies visible Au at Golddigger - Roger Rosmus
9/20    Lion One Metals arranges $12.5-million public o... - Walter Berukoff
9/20    Teck to Invest $2,57 Million in Hannan Metals - Michael Hudson
9/20    Eloro drills 441.2 m of 150.47 g/t AgEq at Iska - Tom Larsen
9/20    Snowline Increases Land Holdings & updates Explor... - Scott Berdhal
9/19    Blue Lagoon drills 0.41 m of 126 g/t Au at Dome - Rana Vig
9/16    VR Resources arranges $900,000 private plac... - Dr. Michael Gunning
9/15    Lion One drills 19.6 m of 21.16 g/t Au at Tuvatu - Walter Berukoff
9/14    Core Assets intersects mineralization at Grizzl... - Nicholas Rodway
9/14    Silvercrest's Las Chispas averages 784 tpd in August - Eric Fier
9/14    Timberline Intersects 22.8 m at 4.29 g/t Gold... - Patrick Highsmith
9/13    Kodiak Copper drills 29 holes at MPD - Claudia Tornquist
9/13    i-80 Gold drills 6.4m of 44.4 g/t gold at Granite C... - Ewan Downie
9/13    New Found Intercepts 152.1 g/t Au Over 3.85m & 12... - Colin Kettell

Significant Weekly Market Headlines

Links to articles are chosen that have a direct or important indirect bearing on the financial, commodity and precious metals markets. The attempt is to keep up with news stories that have significant implications for markets.

9/22    Stocks & Bonds Are Getting Monkeyhammered Again... - Zero Hedge
9/22    Gold has never been so attractive - Alasdair Macleod
9/21    Nomura Fears Market Tsunami from Fed Butterfly Flapp... - Zero Hedge
9/21    Dollar Is Running Out Of Currencies To Rally Against - Zero Hedge
9/21    Debt... And Why the Fed Is Trapped - Lance Roberts
9/20    Russian Oil, Coal Exports To China Soar In Aug - Zero Hedge
9/19    What The End Of The Fed Put Actually Means - Tom Luongo
9/19    Peering Into The Crystal Ball, We See... Ins... - Charles Hugh Smith
9/19    Key Events This Week - Zero Hedge
9/16    Gold Stocks: No Buy Signals Yet - Morris Hubbartt
9/16    Silver is Poised for a Multi-Week Rally - Bob Hoye
9/16    The Economy Is Braking Hard. Billionaire Investor Wa... - Zero Hedge
9/15    Inflation is Turning Hyper - Alasdair Macleod
9/15    The Fed’s Choice is Simple: Hyperinflation or Rece... - Simon Hunt
9/14    ECB Inflation Fight Bad News For The Fed - Peter Schiff
9/14    Core Producer Prices Hotter-Than-Expected in August ... - Zero Hedge
9/14    Historical Market Falls, Collapsing Currencies... - Egon von Greyerz
9/13    The CPI Report: Rally Time For Gold? - Stewart Thomson
9/10    Every Curve Flattened - Peter C. Earle
9/9      Strap In: Looming Credit Crunch Means Junk Bond ... - Fringe Finance

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