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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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Jay Taylor Testimonials

Just wanted to pass my thanks Jay.

When I am investing in junior mining companies and looking at the newsletters out there Jay your letter shines in clarity. There are many good letters out there but I like the way the investment cases are laid out in this letter very much. Be it clarifying the cash flows or the resource estimations I get it. Take this weeks analysis on Merrex Gold, the explanation is so clear that one can see the bare bones of the speculation and make smart choices within reason of course as often you remind us. Maudore has been a winner for me and despite your advice I have not sold it, for that I want to thank you too. Well at times it is hard to keep up with all the stories, I just can't imagine how much work must be going into this letter, superb service.

Best regards,

I got thinking last night about my subscribing habits over the length of time I have been investing in the mining sector.

From time to time you have subscribers that write in and they complain that they bought stock XYZ and it went down, not knowing what "buy and hold" means, or misunderstanding came into play.

I have subscribed to at least ten different publishers, who are all well known in the mining sector advisory business.  And that exposure goes back 12 years to 1998. 
There are none that do what you do, when it comes to covering

exploration/developmental companies, small producers, mid range producers and majors.  You show JV relationships with majors, investments into exploration companies by majors, good management practices, management staffing expertise and accomplishments, drill results interpretations, feasibility study interpretation, good financing versus bad, best geographical/geological arenas, infrastructure status, and on and on.  You also cover those individuals on your broadcasts that will best advise your listeners and subscribers, as well as non subscribers.

You have Roger Wiegand, and Chen Liu to also chime in to give advice to those that listen or want to subscribe to their approach. 

When someone writes in and complains they should weigh their words, because they simply do not know what else is out there, when it comes to valid sources.  I do know, because I have been exposed to them, many with Phd. after their name as well.


Just a short note as I know you are very busy. I have been retired now, in Kelowna, British Columbia for just over a year, in part to the advice I have received from your newsletter.


Today's newsletter shows real promise of enabling subscribers to not only keep current with the "big picture" of natural resources investments but to increase profits from your recommendations. Your newsletter has been very helpful for portfolio planning and now should also be helpful with assuring profits from stock purchases.

Thank you.

Dear Jay,
I want you to know how much your newsletter is enjoyed. Your writing style is wonderful and well expressed. I look forward to reading it every week.


Dear Mr. Taylor,
I have been a subscriber for around four years and I want to say that your website is absolutely fabulous. Using your comments and recommendations as a starting point for my 'due diligence', my family has done extremely well investing in Junior mining stocks. Our booked profit for 2006 was over 100%.

Your newsletters are informative, fact-filled and interesting, with an appropriate amount of caution so one will not get reckless.

I wanted to send you this note to thank you for everything you have done for all of us and to thank you very much for a recommendation your published March, 2007. I did my DD on a 'Stock Pick of the Week' you published March, 2007. I have already achieved a double on MAO, so I sold half. Thank you again Mr. Taylor for the work you do.

From a subscriber forever,

Hi Jay,
I appreciate the good newsletter and the many good picks over the years. Thank you again for your fine and ethical work.


As a multi year subscriber I wish to thank you for all the help with both my micro and macro economic understanding. Together we are doing quite well! Over the past several years you have done a very good job of outlining what will likely happen in either a hyperinflation or deflation situation in America.

Again, thanks for all the great work.

I have been extremely pleased with your Newsletter and your Hotlines. I consider your advice the best value I have ever seen in a Newsletter and I currently subscribe to two others plus I have looked at several that provide nowhere near the informational guidance you put into your Newsletters. As soon as my three-month subscription runs out I intend to subscribe to a full year of your service.


Maspeth, NY 11378-2915

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