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Jay is a former banker and value investor whose picks have greatly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000.
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Why the price of gold is headed to the moon!

The price of gold is destined to rise to many thousands of dollars per ounce. We are experiencing the second leg up of the greatest gold bull market in history. Why? Actually gold is not rising in value. An ounce of gold is the same now as it was 5,000 years ago. But the dollar has lost more than 93% of its purchasing power since the Fed was created 105 years ago. Every day the mainstream media is attempting to keep you in the dark, down on the mushroom farm so that you will keep behaving in a way that profits Wall Street's ruling elite. To counter that, Jay Taylor, Editor of J Taylor's Gold Energy & Tech Stocks, combs the Internet in search of articles that shine a floodlight on the truth about why the economies of the world and the US dollar is doomed and why you MUST exchange as many dollars as possible NOW for gold!

10/19   - Tom Luongo
10/18   - Wolf Richter
10/18   - Charles Hugh Smith
10/18   - John Rubino
10/18   - Zero Hedge
10/17   - Zero Hedge
10/17   - Richard Rosso
10/16   - Ron Paul
10/16   - Peter Morici
10/15   - Bill Blain
10/14   - Various
10/13   - John Rubino
10/12   - Tom Lewis
10/11   - Bryce Coward
10/11   - Chris Metli
10/10   - John Rubino
10/9    - South China Morning Post
10/9    - Bilal Hafeez
10/9    - Justin Raimondo
10/8    - Christoph Gisiger

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